I’m an SAP consultant working for leogistics GmbH which is located in Hamburg. I started as a student in a dual study program at SAP AG in Walldorf.

After my studies I worked for two more years at SAP in the Value Prototyping.

This blog is not only about advanced ABAP. As SAP’s application development tools often lack certain requirements to support features which are common in other environments like .NET, I would like to show also concepts which follow various paradigms like Test-driven development or Design by Contract on the ABAP-Stack.

Feel free to contact me in case you have further questions or coments that you do not want to adress in a public comment next to my blog posts. Profile: http://www.xing.com/profile/Uwe_Kunath


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  1. Hi UweKunath,
    I think you remember me. I am Bala
    I am glad to see you in your Blog’s. Very nice documents.
    I have a question on FPM Feeder class. I am registering in your blogs. Please accept.

    Ex-BMW Contractor.

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