mockA released – a new ABAP Mocking Framework

Some good news…

The ABAP Mocking Framework presented last year is now Open Source.
The namespace has been changed to Z* in order to allow every interested developer to participate in the development of this tool.
Feel free to participate in the development process and visit the project page at Github.
Current Features

  • Mocking of ABAP interfaces and non-final classes
  • Conditional returning of RETURNING, EXPORTING and CHANGING parameters for methods based on specific parameter combinations of IMPORTING and CHANGING parameters
  • You can even define different output each time when the method is called multiple times with the same parameter values
  • raiseable exceptions
  • verification of mocked method call count

How to start

  • Visit us on Github
  • Check Out the daily build and import it to your SAP System using SAPLink
  • As there is no documentation yet, the Unit Test ZTEST_CL_MOCKA_MOCKER describes the features of the tool
  • The Demo report ZTEST_CL_MOCKA_FLIGHT_OBSERVER also demonstrates some features described last year

Functional gaps

  • Verification of mocked method calls against certain expected parameter input
  • Register pattern based method signatures for mocked methods


Thanks to leogistics GmbH, the formerly internal project is now open source. leogistics has decided to provide it as open source software to strengthen the SAP Netweaver and its ABAP development capabilities, and, of course to allow the community to benefit from this tool and make it even better.


2 thoughts on “mockA released – a new ABAP Mocking Framework

  1. Hi Uwe,

    I tried to install the latest version of your mockA Framework (committed on 22 Oct 2015) with the latest version of saplink. I use SAP release 751. It dumps with null reference exception. Have anyone an idea what can I do?


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